buying guide 

Buying real estate in Australia is a rewarding investment. The buying process however - how fees are calculated, what is
included with a property and how buyers are represented - differs from country to country and around the world.

To make sure that you are taken care of and what matters most, a knowledgeable and experienced RE/MAX Sales Associate
is ready to serve you.

Choose a Representative

The first step in the process of purchasing real estate is to find a knowledgeable representative who will provide the right information,
advice and information in order to navigate your way through a successful real estate purchase. For more on selecting a real estate representative, read our article on "Choosing the right real estate representative".


Before setting out to view properties, a smart buyer establishes the price range for their purchase. Knowing your financial situation
including what you can afford to purchase will streamline the search and offer process. If a loan or mortgage is required for your purchase, discussing your needs with a lender and establishing pre-approval status on the loan will help set the purchase price of your property and ensure you are well prepared when it comes time to make an offer on a property. A RE/MAX Sales Associate will be able to refer you to a local financial specialist.

Finding a Property

Your RE/MAX real estate Sales Associate will be able to help you clarify your requirements and establish a set of "must haves" for your purchase. This list will include the basics such as location, rooms/size and price along with the specifics such as closets, bathrooms,
parking and other features or benefits.

RE/MAX Sales Associates will also have access to a list of available properties in your area and be able to search through these properties
for those that match your needs. Then after presenting a selection of available properties on paper or on screen, you will be able to visit and view these properties for yourself.

Offer & Negotiation

Once you have found a property that you have decided suits you, you will make an offer on the property. The process of putting in an offer on real estate varies widely from state to state and therefore your local RE/MAX real estate representative will be able to outline this process for you. Your offer will be presented to the seller (and/or the seller's representative) by your representative, who will remain involved in the process until it is complete.


Once your offer has been accepted, there will be an interim period of time (which varies from State to State but is typically approximately 6 weeks) between this date and "settlement". Settlement is the time where legal ownership is transferred. It may involve the sellers bank releasing mortgages and your bank placing a mortgage over the property. If the buyer or seller owns the property outright mortgages may not be required, your Solicitor or Conveyancing Company look after these details for you.

Lisa Terare can help you during every step of the buying process