Marketing Secrets

We use the latest in Internet marketing technology.

Interactive floor plans allow potential buyers to view the floor plan, photographs and virtual tours on the one page. Imagine having a floor plan with special 'icons' that when clicked show photos or 360 panoramic virtual tours.

View one here .

  • Your property is open for inspection 24 hours per day 7 days a week. People see your property when its looking good with no inconvenience to you.
  • Providing a floor plan to prospective buyers helps them make faster and better decisions at every stage of the sale.
  • Take Ownership - Floor plans can clarify perspective and proportion so potential buyers can mentally place their belongings in the house. This lets buyers get a feel for the character of the property and its surroundings as if they are actually walking through the home visiting each room.
  • Buyers who firstly shortlist on the web with interactive floor plans are highly qualified and ready to act when they physically inspect your property.
  • An interactive floor plan essentially creates an around the clock online open house that the buyers can conveniently experience from their home or office.
  • Preview - When buyers view your property floor plans help them to quickly identify which properties are of most interest to them.
  • Research shows Internet buyers on average have higher disposable incomes allowing you to get the best possible price for your property.
  • Clarity of description - Just photos alone on a property give a limited view. In conjunction with Lisa's written details floor plans paint a vivid picture.
  • An interactive floor plan opens your home to millions of interstate and international buyers.
  • Aids memory - After a viewing, the floor plan provides an excellent reminder, reducing repeat visits and hastening decisions.
  • Planning Aid - If your potential purchaser is contemplating alterations, a floor plan can help evaluate the viability of any options.

Faster sales, better prices - All this adds up to stronger interest in properties marketed with floor plans, contributing to faster sales and better prices